A Values-based Partnership...


We limit the searches on our desks to hold space for each Client, truly understanding the unique nature of each search. This allows us to be highly responsive to our clients and act quickly and efficiently when partnering on a search.


Our hybrid "contained" recruitment model offers the flexibility of a contingency search with the priority and expertise of a retained firm. We are committed to allowing for flexibility and continuous improvement with each search.


Part of our mission in launching Orchid Holistic Search was to "be the change" in the recruitment industry; to be as open and transparent as we can with our clients and candidates, while still exercising discretion.

... to Help the Stars Align

What is Holistic Search?

Beyond simple matching of a Job Description to a Curriculum Vitae, our proprietary search process evaluates candidates using a 360-degree approach to ensure the best possible fit for your company culture.

Using principles derived from holistic medicine, we conduct our candidate interviews and assessments with the aim of maximizing sustainable placements within your organization. We take the time to deeply understand the intrinsic motivators leading our candidates to consider a new opportunity, to assist you in making the best possible selection for your hiring needs.

We also dig deep to understand the underlying needs driving your search process. Through learning about your organization's short and long term goals, we aim to develop lasting relationships with our clients as they continue to grow and evolve.


Angela and Matt Marturano

Dr. Matt and Angela Marturano cofounded Orchid Holistic Search in 2010 after a life-changing trip to Peru.

Their mission is simple and authentic: to build and refine an elevated model of recruitment focused on an industry that aligns with their personal values and interest in healthy living.

Matt and Angela Marturano

Dr. Matt Marturano, Managing Partner

With a strong intuition for natural products industry trends, Dr. Matt navigates the unseen future with confident poise to offer sound strategies for growth. He believes that strong data drives better ideation and is perpetually seeking improved ways to translate science into something meaninful to everyday people.

In his spare time, Dr. Matt enjoys playing the piano, a nutritious home-cooked meal, world traveling, practicing meditation, hiking or taking an afternoon nap.

Angela Marturano, Managing Partner

Angela’s instinctive ability to connect with others and quickly build trust has brought forth a highly sought after network of outstanding candidates in the natural products industry. She feels a strong sense of responsibility toward her placements and is consistently striving for a perfect fit for both clients and candidates.

Outside of her office, you can find Angela tinkering in the garden, indulging in Detroit’s foodie/craft beer scene, camping, practicing yoga, bike riding or hammock-lounging.


We are proud to donate 1% of our profits in order to help create green jobs in Detroit.


We incorporate clean energy practices, and love supporting companies who do as well.


We believe that when personal and professional values align, magic happens.


We've adopted a triple bottom line to create better value for our clients.